GLOBART Space Hack

Space Hack 12. & 13. Oktober 2018

“Everything is potentially possible“ 


The auditorium of the FH Wr. Neustadt turned into the centre of Austrian Spaceflight for 24 hours. With the GLOBART SpaceHack on October 12th and 13th, in cooperation with the FH Wr. Neustadt and ESA-BIC Austria, an interdisciplinary think tank for relevant future topics was opened.

The scrap metal in space is estimated at 8,000 tons of waste or almost 750,000 objects. Based on solutions proposed by the Clean Space Initiative of the European Space Agency, the aim was to develop forward-looking and competitive projects for sustainable space travel and the removal of space debris. The best idea was endowed with a prize money of 5.000 €. In addition, a Start-Up Coaching of the ESA Incubation Centre in Austria was awarded.

More than 40 participants, FH Wr. Neustadt, TU Vienna, Angewandte, University of Vienna, TU Delft, FOTEC and HTL Eisenstadt, accepted the challenge. In the morning leading inputs of the mentors (Dr. Carsten Scharlemann/ FH Wr. Neustadt, Kartik Kumar M.Sc./ TU Delft,Florian Schummer M.Sc./ TU Munich, Mag. Florian Schirg / accent NÖ) supported the participants in finding the topic.


At noon the starting signal: The 4 teams worked from the ground up in 24 hours on new projects, which had never existed before in this form, from the 2 overriding thematic blocks of space debris removal and the use of recycled material in space.
The time-consuming commitment of the mentors maintained the productivity level into the late night. Although the fatigue was written in the participants’ faces the next morning, the last hours were intensively used again.
After all, a top-class jury from business and science (Mag. phil. Martin Mössler M. Sc.(LSE)(ESA-BIC Austria), Dr. Carsten Scharlemann(FH Wr. Neustadt), Florian Schummer M. Sc. (TU Munich), Mag.a Victoria Schebek (bmvit, Department of Space Affairs),Mag. Michael Moll (accent NÖ), Ing. Claus Zeppelzauer (ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH), Ignaz Forstmeier, B.A.(board member GLOBART, co-founder Online Platform Personio) to convince in 7 minutes of their own pitch.
As Heidi Dobner and Carsten Scharlemann emphasized at the award ceremony, all winners are winners. Knowledge and ideas were shared, a creative process was started to open up perspectives and learn a lot of new things and last but not least friendships were made.
The GLOBART SpaceHack joins the program of the touring exhibition “Our Place in Space”,which can be seen until November 4th at the NHM Vienna. It is important for GLOBART as a think tank to ask the right questions, to lead a constructive discourse, how solutions for the future will look like and above all to advance the implementation. Our core goals are to promote alert, critical and energetic people, to tell stories of success, to give the architects of the future a podium and to inspire them, to implement ideas. The symbiosis of art and science is a constant companion.


The team Space Removal Inc. won the GLOBART SpaceHack with a mobile phone game in which you can capture space debris from space with “Virtual Reality”. The jury chose the project because “a conscious perception of the problem is anchored in the social discourse and thus the greatest added value can arise”.  

The team around Maria Hasler (University of Vienna), Kaarel Repän (FH Wr. Neustadt), Purchimun Low (FH Wr. Neustadt), Michael Happl (FOTEC), Fouad Abiad (TU Delft) and Bryan Weimer (FH Wr. Neustadt) will use the prize money to continue working on their idea and turn it into reality.


Mentoren & Jury


Kartik Kumar M. Sc. (TU Delft, Analog Astronaut/ Fachgebiet: Orbit Debris Entfernung)

Florian Schummer M. Sc. (TU Munich, Raumfahrttechnik / Fachgebiet: De-Orbit canvas, Formgedächtnislegierung, kleine Satelliten)

Mag. Florian Schirg (accent NÖ/ Fachgebiet: Start Up Gründung)

Dr. Carsten Scharlemann (FH Wr. Neustadt / Leiter des Instituts Raumfahrttechnik / Fachgebiet: Weltraumantrieb)


Mag. phil. Martin Mössler M. Sc. (LSE) (ESA-BIC Austria/ Science Park Graz)

Dr. Carsten Scharlemann (FH Wr. Neustadt/Abteilung für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik)

Florian Schummer M. Sc. (TU München)

Mag.a Victoria Schebek (bmvit, Abteilung für Weltraumangelegenheiten)

Mag. Michael Moll (accent NÖ)

Ing. Claus Zeppelzauer* (ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH)

Ignaz Forstmeier, B.A. (Vorstandsmitglied GLOBART, Mitgründer der Online Plattform Personio)