GLOBart Academy 2013



From the 19 – 22 September, 2013 the GLOBArt Academy in Krems, Austria, became a meeting place for over 50 freethinkers and innovators from around the world, who have already proven, that it is possible to change the world.

The world seems to be going to pieces – This feeling along with a sense of helplessness has been accompanying us for the last years.

The good news is: We already know how to change these ways. In fact, the world is full of innovators and new creative projects, indicating how life can actually be lived successfully. For this purpose the GLOBArt Academy presented itself as a stage for these ideas.

With the slogan “Awakening” GLOBArt has invited the heroes of tomorrow, who break new grounds, whose projects offer flexible solutions und openness towards the human being at the center of their attention and who encourage us to break free and make a statement.

Harald Welzer calls it the retrieval of the future. “A good handling of the world will not be the result of climate change conferences and Earth Summits, but the result of a change of lifestyle, of economic systems and cultural values. This means, that a good handling of the world should and does concern everybody, it is in the end a question about the responsible use of freedom.”

Christoph Schlingensief centered his art on the question of what moves people and what they can bring into movement together. The opera village of Burkina Faso presents one of the most impressive visualisations of these ideas. His thoughts and ideas served to provoke and encourage us during the GLOBArt Academy.

Christoph Schlingensief