Valtl Karlheinz

Karlheinz Valtl is an educational scientist and teaches at the Centre for Teacher Education of the University of Vienna. He leads the GLOBART funded research and participatory project Achtsamkeit in LehrerInnenbildung und Schule (Mindfulness in Teacher Education and Schools, ALBUS). This project focuses on the implementation of mindfulness in the diverse phases of teacher education.
Twice a year, he and his team organize the Symposium Pädagogik der Achtsamkeit (Symposium on Mindfulness in Education) at the University of Vienna, guide the Austrian Netzwerk Achtsame Pädagogik (Network Mindfulness in Education, NAP) and offer mindfulness based trainings modules in school development and teacher training.

Karlheinz Valtl is the scientific director of the Master program Achtsamkeit in Bildung, Beratung und Gesundheitswesen (Mindfulness in Education, Counseling and Health Care) at the Church Based University Wien/Krems, he teaches higher education didactics at the Technical University Vienna and is author of numerous publications on the topics of mindfulness in education and sexual pedagogy. He formerly was a lecturer at several German speaking universities as well as trainer and chairman of the renowned Institute for Sexual Education (isp) in Dortmund. He holds a doctoral degree in pedagogy and psychology (University of Regensburg), two state exams for teaching in public schools and diverse certificates of continued education in psychology, spirituality, pedagogy and body therapy.