Ide Yulian

Yulian Ide was born in 1987 near Jever in Friesland. After graduating from school, he moved to the nearby Oldenburg and later to Berlin to study Dutch philology, Spanish studies and politics. During his studies he worked several smaller jobs: at a call centre, a sex shop, a clothing store, the kitchen of a hostel, the Belgian consulate and the bar of a nightclub, so you could say his résumé is quite characteristic for Generation Y.

In 2009 he started to write for the feuilleton of a newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung, about pop culture and lifestyle, especially that of young people in Germany’s capital. Yulian Ide recently graduated from university with a Masters degree in applied literary studies and published pieces in the online version of Die Zeit and the Superior Magazine. Since 2012 he writes a weekly column named 0 Uhr 30 (“12.30 am”) for the Berliner Zeitung and works in the editorial office of Deutsche Welle. At the GLOBART Academy 2015 Yulian Ide will introduce the debate around Generation Y with his keynote speech entitled “Why? Why? Why?”