Hartmann Michael

Michael Hartmann, born in 1952, professor of sociology at TU Darmstadt (Germany). Studied sociology, political science, philosophy, psychology, history and German literature, 1976 M.A., 1979 PhD and 1983 habilitation. Research fellow DFG. Fields of expertise: elite, management and university research as compared to international standards. Publications: The Myth of the Elites, 2002; The Sociology of Elites, 2004; Elites and Power in Europe, 2007; Social Injustice – Is It a Topic for the Elites?, 2013. 2002 Thyssen prize for best socio-scientific essay of the year, 2010 Thyssen prize for second best socio-scientific essay of the year and 2008 prize from the German Sociological Association for outstanding achievements in the field of public activity and sociology.