Müller Christa

Sociologist and director of the foundation anstiftung in Munich. Sie did research in Spain, Central America and Westfalen on farmers movements and modernisation processes. Since the new millennium her research focuses on sustainable ways of life and new models of prosperity. By doing so she accompanies and observes the in this context the Do-it-yourself movement, with a special focus on Urban-Gardening. She is a co curator of the exhibition “Die Produktive Stadt – Designing for Urban Agriculture” (TU Berlin and TU München) and published in 2011 the volume “Urban Gardenin. Über die Rückkehr der Gärten in die Stadt”. Her last publication was (with Baier/Hansing/Werner): Die Welt reparieren. Open Source und Selbermachen als postkapitalistische Praxis (transcript 2016).