Abado Marwan

Marwan Abado is the best known ambassador of oriental music in Austria and one of those musicians who demonstrate that Austria is a land of music, full of inspiration and interesting encounters. The native Palestinian has lived in Vienna for over 20 years and has played with many musicians from various cultures and styles. Marwan Abado was selected best artist in the category folk & world-international by the Austrian music magazine Concerto in 2005 (together with K. Dobrek, A. Biz, A. Correa and R. Neuwirth for the CD and live programme “´s geht eh“). In November 2008 Abado received the Federal Medal of Intercultural Dialogue from the Austrian Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, for his engagement in intercultural dialogue. In September 2012 he published his second Solo album „RAUSHANA“. 2015 the Duo Album “Path of Love” was published at Gramola together with Paul Gulda.