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It is not enough to know, 

what it takes to leave behind a functioning planet.

It is time to act, 

get involved, encourage people, to set their ball rolling, to be the change we want to see in the world.

We need authentic role models. People you can meet with GLOBART. Great thinkers, dedicated makers, people, who not only life under the premise of efficiency, but also take risks, explore to be innovative.

Woman change the world

Auma Obama presented at the GLOBART Academy 2011 her initiative “Boxing Girls”, through sports young woman´s self-confidence gets strengthened. 2018 she initiated with the Sauti Kuu Foundation a big education campaign. Together with children and adolescents ways and structures are created that will help them become self-reliant.

Agnes Aistleitner was one of our scholars at the GLOBART Academy 2017. With her project teenah she actively lives development cooperation. Together with refugees from Syria and jordanian woman living in poor conditions she produces sustainable bags (i.a. GLOBART, ARS Electronica, Impact Hub) and creates livelihoods.


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Since 1.1.2017 the deductibility of donations is newly regulated. Your donation is directly reported to the tax office (Finanzamt) by GLOBART and for the first time automatically adopted in your (employee) investment of the year 2018.

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