Sigrid Stagl

Sigrid Stagl was the first graduate from the Ecological Economics program at RPI, New York (May 1999), making her the first PhD in Ecological Economics worldwide. Sigrid’s thesis was on “Global food production and its alternatives – a socio-ecological economic perspective” (advisor: Sabine O’Hara).  After her studies Sigrid worked at universities in Vienna (Austria), Leeds (UK) and Sussex (UK). She is now Full Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy at WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business. Sigrid’s main research interests lie in (1) understanding institutional and behavioural change, (2) improving sustainability appraisal methods and (3) developing ecological macroeconomic models. Besides journal articles, her publications include “Ecological Economics – An Introduction”, Cambridge University Press, 2005 (with M Common), which is used in graduate courses worldwide. From 2003 to 2012 Sigrid served as Vice-President and then President of European Society for Ecological Economics. She is now Director of the MSc Program “Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy”, which started in October 2012 at WU.