What is GLOBART?


Networks play an increasingly important role in the cultural and scientific sector. Our board of directors, the thinkers’ circle and our team cultivate this international network of initiators and visionaries and are happy to share it with other institutions. Via social media, print media, radio, podcast and TV, GLOBART reaches 9 million people every year.
Previous speakers: Tomáš Sedláček, Shirin Neshat, Stefan Sagmeister, Antonella Nota, Byung-Chul Han, Renée Schroeder, Markus Hinterhäuser, Eva Schlegel, Peter Sloterdijk, Avital Ronell, Albert-László Barabási, István Szabó, Auma Obama, Friedrich von Borries, Josef Penninger, Tanja Traxler, Tomás Saraceno Jacqueline Kornmüller, Franzobel, Katharina Rogenhofer, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Hartmut Rosa, Seyran Ateş, Joachim Bauer, Karim El-Gawhary, Marianne Gronemeyer, Peter Daniell Porsche, Werner Götz, Lisa Herzog, Philipp Blom, André Heller, Christine von Weizsäcker, Harald Welzer, and many more.


… a place where current issues are translated into strategy.
… a place where art and science prepare for the future.
… a place where opinion leaders can interact openly.
… a concrete place to experience knowledge.
… a virtual place to convey knowledge.
… an active alliance between culture, science and business



Since its premiere in 1999, the GLOBART Academy has established itself as an internationally renowned forum for prospective matters. It is the annual meeting place for people who are shaping the future. Through dialogue and joint action, we develop tools and ideas to build a better future. From theatre rehearsals and cooking together to the development of concepts for pressing issues – everything is possible and conceivable under the premise that the participants are open to new, different perspectives. The GLOBART Academy always takes place at a special site such as Kloster UND in Krems or the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg.

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GLOBART Mindfulness Forum

The Mindfulness Forum opens a space for essential dialogue about physical, mental and emotional well-being. In a time when performance, consumption and competition are the predominant maxims of our social order, it seems all the more urgent to turn towards personal and collective well-being. Among the formative speakers at the GLOBART Mindfulness Forum are neuroscientist Richard Davidson and Benedictine monk and mystic brother David Steindl Rast.
The book by Heidemarie Dobner and Maria Kluge “The Toolbox is you”, a manual on mindfulness for students and teachers, was awarded the Austrian State Prize in 2016.

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GLOBART Educational Initiatives

Education is the key to successful coexistence. With educational initiatives in cooperation with Plant for the Planet (training as environmental ambassadors with Felix Finkbeiner), Three Coins (learning how to handle money responsibly through games with Katharina Norden) and the World Peace Game Foundation (playing and training the World Peace Game with pupils and educators as an innovative pedagogical method to support schoolchildren in their core competencies with star educator John Hunter from the USA), GLOBART sets important impulses in schools and educational institutions every year.

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Thinking about the future together – All over the world, artists, philosophers, designers and ecologists are thinking about what a promising life in the future could look like. The best minds are invited to present their ideas in talks at special venues.

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Since 1997, GLOBART has been honouring personalities who, through their work, are role models and bearers of hope for society and the next generations. At all times, role models were and are of great importance. They inspire, they are leading figures, they shape our cultural heritage. The GLOBART Award encourages people to follow their own authentic path. The award is both a thank you and an acknowledgement of artistic, scientific and socio-political commitment.

Die Preisträger*innen

2019 Carola Rackete
2018 Marina Abramović
2017 Jeffrey Sachs
2016 Michael Haneke
2015 Tino Sehgal
2012 John Hunter
2009 Ernesto Cardenal
2007 Riccardo Muti
2006 José Antonio Abreu
2005 Freda Meissner-Blau, Franz Küberl
2004 Dom Erwin Kräutler
2003 Václav Havel
2000 Hans Küng, Fariborz Sahba
1998 Lord Yehudi Menuhin

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