Willfort Reinhard

Reinhard Willfort started his career as telecommunication electrician at siemens, then visited the HTL for electrical engineering in Graz Vösting and finally completed his study of irregular telematics and economy at the TU Graz.

From 1997 to 2001 Willfort worked as innovation researcher at the TU Graz with focus on innovation management and creative techniques. In 2000 he graduated with honours in the subjects of innovation- and knowledge management. Reinhard Willfort ist founding-member of the knowldege management forum and member of the board of Know-Centers – Austrias competence center for knowledge management.

He wrote over 60 publications, works as lector in the subjects of innovation- and knowledge management and was involved in the development of the master’s degree program for innovation-management at the Donau University Krems, which he is still supervising.

In 2001 he founded ISN – Innovation Network Service which he is leading. Willfort founded five more companies and besides he supervises some top innovation- and knowledge management companies. In 2012 he initiated the first Austrian Crowdinvesting-Platform together with 1000×1000.at. He is also a founding member and executive board member of the European Crowdfunding Network.