Mindful Self-Compassion + ART

Mindfulness self-compassion for pedagogues

We could start with becoming friends with ourselves and to live with more ease, openness and joy.

Training for mindfulness and self-compassion connected with artistic processes opens the access to creative resources, to a balanced, vibrant consciousness and accepting presence.

We want school to be a place of growing, research and discovery, of creativity and encounters. When too many requirements and expectations have to be fulfilled at the same time, we all too often lose sight of these goals.

Everyday school life is full of challenges and demands a lot of pedagogues. Easily personal resources can diminish, compassion fatigue and burnout  could develop or we take a step back into a mode of conservation, which means a leakage of interpersonal skills. If pedagogues want to take good care of their pupils, they have to take good care of themselves.

Mindfulness self-compassion is the ability to be affectionate to oneself.

How do we deal with difficult situations or when we fail?
What is our perception of our own shortcomings?
Kindness to oneself is something, what few of us learned. MSC – Mindful Self-Compassion is a evidence based program, which supports the development to be self-friendly, to explore the self-compassionate voice and to motivate fondly, as a base for a benevolent attitude towards ourselves and others.

The aim of the course is to further develop the three key components of self-compassion and to depend it playfully with artistic creativity:

A balanced mindful awareness
Kindness towards yourself
A feeling of shared humanity and solidarity

Mindfulness and self-compassion are two wings, which carry us with open acceptance through our experiences. They enable us, to face our difficult challenges with more ease and help us cultivate our daily moments of happiness.

What the participants can expect: meditation, exercises that you can do at home, mindfulness and self-awareness practices, artistic processes, talks and conversations.

It is a progressive course which cultivates the practice of mindfulness (also through exercises done at home and a continuous participation).