Luna Al-Mousli

Luna Al-Mousli was born in 1990 in Melk (Austria), grew up in Damascus, and lives and works as an independent author, graphic designer and illustrator in Vienna. She studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts. For her debut Eine Träne. Ein Lächeln. Meine Kindheit in Damaskus (weissbooks.w, 2016), she was awarded the Austrian Children’s and Young Adult Book Prize 2017. In 2018, her second book Als Oma, Gott und Britney sich im Wohnzimmer trafen. Oder: der Islam und ich. In addition, the author currently works at the Kulturhaus Brotfabrik Wien, where she is responsible for marketing. The Kulturhaus Brotfabrik creates art and culture by all for everyone. Luna’s life and work move in the field of tension between art, literature and social commitment and builds a bridge between cultures. It promotes encounters and getting to know each other in an empathetic and critical way.