Brauer Timna & Meiri Elias

Born in Vienna, Timna Brauer spends her first years of life in paris. Matura at the Vienna Lycée Francais, guitar, piano and vocal training (Vienna Konservatorium). Afterwards she studied musicology at the Paris Sorbonne University and took masterclasses in classic. Afterwards she became successful in her music career.
Together with the israel Jazz-pianist Elias Meiri, Timna Brauer founded an Ensemble in 1985, which is giving international concerts till today.
Elias Meiri is born in Israel and playing since he is five years of age piano. Supported by his perfect pitch he started very early to be a great improviser. He visited the music high school Talma Yalin in Tel-Aviv and finished his college degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston. For a few years he is playing with known Jazz musicians like Dizzie Gillespie, Dave Liebmann and Steve Großmann in New York, before he settles down in Europe in 1988.