2010 40 Years Art from Gugging in the Collection Otto Mauer

July 3 -12, 2013
Cloister of the monastery Pernegg


1970 – exactly 40 years ago – catholic priest and patron of the arts Monsignore Otto Mauer, presented a group exhibition of artists from Gugging at his gallery “(nächst) St. Stephan” for the first time. Today’s artistic house, with its history stretching back to the 1950s, was in the past still part of the psychiatric hospital in Gugging. At the time, Gugging, as a venue for innovative artistic approaches, was only known by insiders, until Dr. Leo Navratil discovered these artists. They are today renowned worldwide and internationally represented in major museums and collections. Since 1986 major support has been given by Dr. Johann Feilacher, who also acts as the artistic director of the new museum in Gugging. In the collection of Otto Mauer, managed by the “Wiener Dommuseum”, about 150 drawings and prints by Gugging artists can be found.

Curator: Bernhard A. Böhler

Oswald Tschirtner (1920 – 2007);

Oswald Tschirtner, “Betende Hände”, © Privatstiftung Künstler aus Gugging