2017 Hannah Rieger – LIVING IN ART BRUT

About the exhibition
“Living in Art Brut” reflects the collector Hannah Rieger’s attitude towards her collection of over 400 works. For her, it is about much more than just living with Art Brut – her whole identity is increasingly guided by this special art.

The exhibition, curated by Monika Jagfeld, Director of the Museum im Lagerhaus, Stiftung für schweizerische Naive Kunst und Art Brut (the Foundation for Swiss Naive Art and Art Brut), St. Gallen, presents examples of Austrian and international artists. The core of the collection is art from Gugging. The works demonstrate why Art Brut is increasingly becoming the star of contemporary art. It remains unaffected by the tastes of current art trends and is not restricted by the Bologna requirements placed on art universities.

Does Art Brut reflect our world, which appears to be more and more out of joint?