Stories of Success

You can still find them – innovative, social, ecological projects and initiatives, that excite, spark hope and take an active step towards a future-oriented society.

In the last 20 years GLOBART gave the architects of the future a podium, to present their ideas, to exchange oneself´s with likeminded people, to get input and feedback to further work on one own idea.

They are the heroes of tomorrow. They show us how alternatives can look like. We want to tell some of these stories, from people, who presented their stories at GLOBART or got incited by GLOBART:” I am my own live designer, my own gardener, my own creative director.

Auma Obama - Sauti Kuu Stiftung

At the GLOBART Academy 2011 Auma Obama talked about her initiative “Boxing Girls”. In 2018 she started her own education campaign with the establishment of the Sauti Kuu Foundation. Using the slogan, “Don´t give them fish, don´t give them a rod, instead ask them if they even eat fish!”, the foundation creates a better future for young people in rural Kenya. Children, adolescent and families get support by finding, developing and utilisation of their own potential and ressources. Heidi Dobner was invited to the official opening of the sport, resource and training center in Alego, Nyangoma in Siaya County, Kenya.


“Young people have to understand, that they can take their destiny in their own hands. They start to realize, that they are able to participate and together to achieve more. They are more motivated and work hard. They only the possibility of our support.”

         – Auma Obama

Agnes Aistleitner - teenah


On-site assistance is the credo of our national government when they talk about refugees. Agnes Aistleitner doesn’t talk, she acts. Since 2015 she is working together with Syrian refugee woman and Jordanian woman with poor living conditions and produces bag (i.a. for GLOBART, ARS Electronica, Impact Hub) in the northern part of Jordan. This project creates a stable basis of living and further softens the boundaries between ethnic groups as well as gender roles. She attended the GLOBART Academy 2013 as a scholar. Motivated by many engaged trendsetters she became active in 2015. 2017 she again attended the GLOBART Academy as a scholar, where her bags were used as goodie bags for the participants.

Jacqueline Kornmüller - Suitcase Stories

Jacqueline Kornmüller had a great idea. She packed 30 suitcases with belongings that were left behind in the VinziRast Notschlafstelle in Vienna and asked 30 authors to write a story about them. In cooperation with Ö1 these stories were presented by famous actors on air. The different utensils together with suitcases and bags, were auctioned on the 25 if April 2018 at the Wien Museum. More than 30.000 Euros were received for the VinziRast, which celebrates their 30 year anniversary. According to the motto “20 years worth of ideas”Jacqueline Kornmüller presented her idea during the GLOBART Academy 2017 in Krems. Already the idea was inspiring. The results were just amazing.

Open Call an der Universität at the University for Applied Science

Within the scope of the traveling exhibition “Our Place in Space” designed by the ESA, which premiered in Venice, GLOBART and the NHM set an example and invited young artists, to critically approach scientific space research from an artistic standpoint. An Open Call at the University of Applied Science made it possible. Five projects ((Michael Bachhofer, Daniela Brill Estrada, Margit Busch, Solmaz Farhang, Anna Lerchbaumer, Eleni Boutsika-Palles, Monica LoCascio) got the chance to present their artwork during the exhibition at the NHM.

The response from the media was enorm, the number of visiteurs a delight and the big surprise: two installations were afterwards presented at the film festival “Between the Media” in Polen, and one piece is currently exhibited in Bogota, Columbia.

Universität for Applied Science 

Daniel Kerber - more than shelters

The artist Daniel Kerber has a vision: refugee camps should no longer be places of the permanently temporary, of hopelessness, but rather be places of hope. For this he already had a plan in 2012, which he presented during the GLOBART Academy. Today his company is a household name in the scene. Since many years, Daniel Kerber is interested in the living spaces of people. The situation in refugee camps is a burning issue for him. He wants change. 2012 more than 42 million people were fleeing their homes, today the number is 65 million people. It is not a short time, on average people spent 17 years in refugee camps. He develops tents – DOMOS. They are a modular system, which adapt to the living realities of their inhabitants and change the perception of a refugee camp to an “arrival city”, in which complex structures, risk and potentials are build. Whether family accommodation, classroom, operating room, because of the direct and slim production every structure is possible.

DOMOS are deployed at the moment in Jordan, Germany, Greece and Nepal.