Become a Facilitator

Everyone wants to learn from John Hunter, how the game works, so in the future they can play it as well with the children.

The spots in in John Hunter`s Masterclass are in high demand. The waiting list, for the next possibility, to watch John Hunter as game leader and to learn from him, is long.

In his Masterclasses Hunter is training educationists to be game leaders. He explains how his World Peace Game is making the children enthusiastic and why the complex lessons which are drawn out of it- spontaneous and always unpredictable- lead way future than regular teaching lessons.

Four times a year the training to be a game leader is being offered. Twice in the UNESCO School and world heritage of the cathedral chapter Melk(Stift Melk) in Lower Austria. And 2017 the Masterclass is also going to take place in Aarhus/ Denmark and in Bucharest/Romania.

The training is put together by two parts: the supervision of the game with John Hunter leading it and in the afternoons and at night the participants are learning in groups of maximal 30 persons:

  • The philosophy and the educational principles of the game
    • the features needed to be a good game leader
    • important questions for reflexion

The World Peace Game is making political education, economic correlations and creative processes of action perceptible and is future more strengthening:

  • the self- determined discovery and development of individual potentials
  • the future development of communication skills
  • the application of independently processed, creative solution strategies
  • the acquisition of deepened social competences
  • dialogical learning
  • focused and concentrated learning
  • fokussiertes, konzentriertes Lernen
  • the experience of the relation between content and learning

A great benefit is also the internationality of the participating educationists.

GLOBART as cooperation partner of the WPG Foundation is since 2016 platform for the Europe-wide implementation of the World Peace Game.

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