Lend the World Peace Game

Trained facilitatirs are more than welcomed to borrow the game board and set of figurines at GLOBART. Look in our calendar and see if the game board is free and reserve the dates for your school.

We take care of the shipping. The school is only responsible for the shipping costs. Lending is free.
It is also possible to pick up the board and pieces directly at our office in the Goldschmiedgasse 10.

Informationes and contact person: Fabian Rogatschnig

The World Peace Game is making political education, economic correlations and creative processes of action perceptible and is future more strengthening:

  • the self- determined discovery and development of individual potentials
  • the future development of communication skills
  • the application of independently processed, creative solution strategies
  • the acquisition of deepened social competences
  • dialogical learning
  • focused and concentrated learning
  • fokussiertes, konzentriertes Lernen
  • the experience of the relation between content and learning