Playing the world peace game was my birthday wish. I had watched the World Peace Game movie and was in a word inspired. It was incredible to see fourth graders solving real world problems, and I immediately wanted to be there with them, working towards world peace. The feeling one gets when it is announced that the World Peace Game is won is next to impossible to describe with only words. A torrent of joy, happiness, relief and extreme excitement inundated my heart and mind. That single moment explains in itself why I played the World Peace Game.

– Sarah, Teacher

It was very interesting to also watch the students, their development and their surprising decisions. At the Master Class I also recieved interesting ideas for “normal” teaching which I did not expect but surprised me positively and inspired me a lot.

– Editha, Teacher

The games was challenging with all the problems. Our country as well was effected by a lot of treaties with other countries. Once it was an oil crises, then a another problem…towards the end it got more relaxed and at the very end we all leaped up and cheered that all problems were solved. I will for sure take it as a good experience.

– Viktoria, Pupil

Mr. Hunter is a good influence on the world. Overall I think the World Peace Game is the most memorable part of 4th grade. It is a lot harder than it looks, but easy is boring. I understand why Mr. Hunter goes all over the world for the World Peace Game. It was very fun to be the Prime Minister. I think it brought our grade closer together. I think the World Peace Game will change our lives forever.

– Max, Pupil