World Peace Game

A GLOBART education initiative

With handing out the GLOBART Award to John Hunter in 2012 an unforseeable success story began. The reform pedagogical approach of the world famous pedagogue revolutionizes education in many class rooms – all over Europe. Since 2014 GLOBART has educated 209 pedagogues from 28 different countries to become facilitators for the World Peace Game and gave them a unique tool for teaching. An approach that prepares students for the crucial tasks of the future, that fosters their peace and social competences as well as their decision making abilities and gives them a tool to become reflective, critical and energetic global citizens.

With the help of GLOBART over 50 World Peace Games have been played and over 1.900 pupils solved the biggest and most important crises of our time and are furthermore engaging in a culture of civil courage.

For the future, we are going to strengthen the network of educated facilitators, that every child in Austria is able to take responsibility for the future of our planet.

The World Peace Game is turning education upside down, because it is more than just a game!

Knowledge, creativity and social competence are needed.
Teachers are becoming the considerate audience and mediators.
Children are being confronted, in a playful way, with realistic, global conflicts and they are supposed to solve them together.

The game is not supposed to maximize knowledge, but to encourage the children to take action. First they are opponents in the game, on purpose. But the secret of the game is, that if you want to survive, you have to work together. I am not teaching this to the children, they are discovering it for the greatest part by themselves, because it is necessary.

- John Hunter