The Toolbox is You

This book is about things you already have within you. It invites you to notice what moves in and out of your body, what goes through your mind and what nourishes both, mind and body. It also invites you to use what you notice as a tool. You have everything you need.
You are the Toolbox
Language: German, English

Jury statement:

Mindfulness is the topic of this book and mindful one becomes while contemplating it. Subjects, exercises and guidances around mindfulness trainings are mediated in a demonstrative, innovative way.

The typographie is clear and easy to read. The English language is equalized with the German one and the almost continous bilingualism in this publication works well, while everything still remains enjoyable to read. The colored guidance system, the fine, friendly designed information graphics, well-arranged rasters and pleasing illustrations make this manual for mindfulness a reading pleasure. Each chapter of this work finds also a bilingual poster attached, which additionally illustrates the contents and key arguments. The authors of the “Toolbox” have succeeded in creating modern, refreshing learning materials in an appealing, exhilarating design.

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