The Toolbox is You

A Toolbox on Mindfulness


With courage and creativity Maria Kluge develops academic programs on mindfulness for pedagogical and medical institutions. She draws from over 30 years of experience practicing as a body therapist and certified MBSR-teacher (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), trained by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts. Examples of her diverse work are collaborations with the Mind & Life Institute, Projuventute and the foundation of the Association for Mindfulness – Osterloh.

One of the most successful textbooks on mindfulness was born from the cooperation between Heidemarie Dobner and Maria Kluge – “The Toolbox is You”, which was awarded with the Austrian State Prize for the most beautiful schoolbook in 2016. Thereby, GLOBART sets new impetus towards a progressive education system in Austria.

The goal was to provide an alternative to the rather conventional existing mindfulness books. A book created in a way, that it would appeal to children the same way as adults, open for a german and english speaking public. A book encouraging creativity and the impulse to create your very own recipe, in a young and refreshing aesthetic.


You are the Toolbox

What do you usually find in a good cookbook? Detailed recipes for preparing great meals and instructions to help you succeed in doing so. Some cookbooks also include personal stories which are so enticing that you can almost smell and taste some of the deliciousness before you’ve even started cooking.

With this idea in mind, we have written this book on mindfulness. It contains a variety of topics, exercises and instructions, but also stories that explain why it makes sense to practice mindfulness in the same way as we brush our teeth every day. Try it! Get creative and inventive, because each of you knows best what is good for you!

Practice your well-being

7 exercises

7 posters

moving images as exercise instructions

“The Toolbox is You” illustrates in an ingenious way ideas and instructions around the topic of mindfulness. In 7 chapters you get to know different exercises, which are also available as posters in a slipcase. One chapter is all about mindfulness in motion, another about open thinking. When it comes to mindful language and awareness it may also happen that you chew a raisin over a minute or recite one word of a poem enthusiastically.

Mindfulness comes in numerous facets, but what is most important is to gain awareness of one’s own mind and body. Mindfulness combines language, body consciousness, movement, feelings and thoughts. Just like the “Toolbox” does, in order to help you getting in contact with yourself, reflecting your own feelings and thoughts and recognising the moment. This way, inner peace, composure, self-esteem and the strength to accept life in all its diversity and beauty will be a flourishing part of your life.

Seven chapter on mindfulness


We got awarded – with a book, that would never have appeared in any bookstore, that no publisher believed in. It is unusual, generous, bilingual, full of poetry and with a high aesthetic demand. In 2016 “The Toolbox is You” did not just got awarded for being Austria’s most beautiful schoolbook it also won the Austrian State Prize.

We would like to thank Katrina Wiedner for the artistic design and implementation, both our illustrators Chris Phillips and Ilse Weisfelt and the printing company Gugler. The book has already been published in the third and revised edition.


Friends of the Toolbox

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<<SEE Learning>> (Soziales emotionales ethisches Lernen)

Im deutschsprachigen Raum: Silvia Wiesmann und Dr. Corina Aguilaar-Raab

The Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Teaching for Change and Rethinking Schools) provides free lessons on the people’s history of the United States for middle and high school students. The project is named for Howard Zinn, author of the best-selling A Peopleßs History of the United States. Zinn´s daughter, Myla Kabat-Zinn wrote, “The Zinn Education Project ensures that young people understand the full history of their country – learning from the voice and experience of ordinary people engaged in struggles and movements that have contributed to creating positive change and furthering social justice. As my father said: `We don´t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.´

Teaching for Change

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Training Days in Osterloh

Together with the Association for Mindfulness in Osterloh GLOBART  is organizing training days to help teachers and pedagogues integrate the “Toolbox” in their everyday school life.

Get more information and instructions for registration here.


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