2. GLOBART Mindfulness Forum

Mindfulness School – How to keep learning joyfully


  • Termin: 22. März 2019, 14 – 17:30 Uhr
  • Ort: Stift Melk, Kolomanisaal, Abt Berthold-Dietmayr Straße 1, 3350 Melk

We are looking forward to the encounter with the social pedagogue Nils Altner

With the 2nd GLOBART Mindfulness Forum we place our focus this year on “mindfulness in schools”. 

The clocks tick faster every day for students. Even though resources being limited, the demands increase. It is exhausting, takes away energy, and makes us unhappy, especially when the precious moments, when you are really able to form a bond with your students are getting more rare. Is mindfulness helpful, to cope better with stressful situations? What is real about this hype? In Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Solingen exemplary projects show, the positive effects on the climate of a school, and therefore the well-being, and concentration of its pupils. Dr. Nils Altner, social pedagogue, outlines in his keynote the results of his successful project “Gesundheit, Integration, Konzentration – Achtsamkeit in Grundschulen”, which he accompanies scientifically at 21 elementary schools in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Stress management, self-compassion, being present through mindfulness? With mindfulness expert we will examine in small groups, how a mindful and self-compassion approach has an impact on feeling stressed, our health resources and the togetherness in school settings. How learning rooms at school and at home can be shaped, that the joy to question, discover and detect remains unchanged. By doing so we combine scientific findings, field reports from pedagogues and students and discuss the suitability in everyday school life. Pedagogues and parents will get suggestions how to achieve it: A mindful and respectful interaction with yourself as well as with everyone can be learned and is the best protection against stress and burn-out. Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit dem Stift Melk, der Universität Wien, der PH Niederösterreich, der KPH Wien/Krems statt.


  • 14:00: Welcoming Address
  • 14:15: Keynote Dr. Nils Altner – Achtsame Schule – Wie wir uns die Freude am Lernen erhalten
  • 15:30: Break
  • 16:00: Workshops in small groups with Nils Altner (University Duisburg/Essen) Karlheinz Valtl (University Vienna) Ingrid Teufel (Schule im Aufbruch) Helga Luger-Schreiner (University of Vienna) Dominik Weghaupt (University of Vienna) Robert Aichinger (Teacher Religious Education and Ethics) Artemis Katefidis (Teacher)
  • 17:00: Round of reflexion and final debate



Meditation & Art

Andreas de Bruin, Hochschule München

  The workshop aimed for an holistic understanding of classical music. No musical notes and hardly any theoretically terms will be used – “tool” is our hearing. We traced the different ambiances, identify the turning point in the movement of music and decipher the architecture of the piece. To further recognize the music, we painted the melodies with simple lines and followed it with our hands. The approach is based on the musicosophia method, a way of hearing, developed for the musical layperson. The main focus lies on the masters of classical music. Since the seventies especially neuro-scientists engaged in the science of meditation and found out, that meditation is not only relaxing for body and soul, but als changes the way your brain functions. Meditation has up and foremost a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and on selective perception. What is the effect of meditation, when we are looking at the masterpieces of artwork? How do we find an approach to the pieces with their miscellaneous parameters, like color, effects of light, expression, emotion, composition, applied techniques, etc.? Which meditative practices are useful regarding guided tours in museums and how are we able to spread it accordingly to different groups? The main focus lied on the masters of painting.

MINDFULNESS FORUM 11. & 12. April 2018

With the first GLOBART Mindfulness Forum in Vienna and Melk in April 2018 we open a dialogue and experimental space with experts in the fields of mindfulness and education. Together with you we will combine theory and practice, experience mindfulness and give new impulses for a kinder world.

Richard Davidson Revisited 22. October 2018

Open Dialogue & Practical Exercises

22 October 2018, 14 – 17.30 Stift Melk / Gästehaus – 2. floor

The open dialogue in context of the first GLOBART Mindfulness Forum provides practical exercises in mindfulness in school pedagogics combined with a discussion about the pedagogical implementation of the neuroscientific research of Richard Davidson. It will be instructed by Karlheinz Valtl, Maria Kluge and Helga Luger-Schreiner.

This dialogue is supposed to be both exchange and laboratory, input as well as output. Every contribution is important – wether of students, teachers or speakers. Just as Maria Kluge with „The Toolbox is You“ we will open the space for a joint process of co-creation.

The seminar can be credited as advanced training at PH Niederösterreich.

It takes place in cooperation with Verein für Achtsamkeit in OsterlohUniversity of ViennaPH NiederösterreichStift Melk and the state of Lower Austria.

Die Online-Registrierung zu dieser Veranstaltung ist geschlossen.