Awareness for more mindfulness

Mindfulness is a widely-used word nowadays. To come back to its essence, we have to turn to the mindful experience of the present moment. To be present does not only affect our presence. Its power goes way beyond. The present moment impacts our past and forms our future. To be present in the moment enables us to respond wisely instead of reacting in old habits. This allows us to make peace with the past and co-create a future that is based on wisdom and compassion. Furthermore, mindfulness equips us with tools to become aware of our thoughts and sentiments. That in turn brings speech, body awareness, feelings and thoughts in line. Thereby tranquility, sovereignty, wisdom and compassion is cultivated. In that way we do not only change the relationship with ourselves. Through the practice of mindfulness we also transform the relationship with each other and with our environment.

We cannot start practicing mindfulness soon enough! That is why GLOBART collaborates closely with kindergartens, schools and universities. In cooperation with the Center of Mindfulness in Osterloh, GLOBART offers mindfulness trainings for pedagogues. These contain suggestions of how to integrate the book “The Toolbox is You” in class.